Where in the world is Waldo?

Hello Blog Friends,

I have been MIA from the blog for a few months and want to really start working on it so I have personally challenged myself to blog 3 times per week (the same amount of times I make it to the gym each week)

I have been busy crafting and spending time with my hubby, which has made for a very productive craft room in my house. I will be posting some pictures of the various projects I have been up to lately but since most of them are Christmas presents or baby shower gifts, I will only show you a glimpse of each until after said gift has been given to hopefully a very happy receipent.

I have currently 3 quilts at the quilters, 6 ready to be quilted and am going to be making another jelly roll quilt this weekend with my co-workers. So excited for that one because its actually for me and Kevin to share.(ok its just for me but he appreciates the sentiment)

I am attending The very first GLITTER ACADEMY tonight and can not wait! I will make sure to take lots of pictures of it and post about it this weekend.

Till then enjoy your weekend and I will post pics on MANIC MONDAY!

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3 Responses to Where in the world is Waldo?

  1. Monica Hogue says:

    Take notes as I want to know everything about the glitter academy!!

  2. Abbey says:

    You’re back!!!! Sounds like you’ve been one crazy quilter! Can’t wait to hear about the Glitter Academy! I did check out the link and it looks fun! :)

  3. Anna says:

    So glad you’re back! Looking forward to seeing all your projects!!

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