Monday Madness, Episode 2

This past week, I am sure you missed my posts because there were none. I was sick last week starting on Sunday very early aka 1 am and have continued to be sick since then. I am currently trying to kick a kidney infection out of my body with which I haven’t had much success.

Kevin has been busy volunteering his time this past week with a charity golf tournament on Friday that he worked and a mock trial competition on Saturday with which he was the main judge for.

Beau and Maggie have not let me out of their sight since I became sick and enjoyed the week at home with me! We spent the whole time napping on the couch, Maggie even shared my heating pad several times throughout the week.

I did create a new wreath for my front door that I will be chronicling on Wednesday about. Super excited about it.

I only have 17 more days till I get to squeeze the cutest cheeks! My nephew and his parents will be here for my younger brother in laws college graduation and I am so excited to see them! He is walking and talking so its bound to be loads of fun with them here for 10 days!

My lil brother was player of the game at a tournament this weekend for baseball and also was named to the all tourney team. So proud of him!

My lil sister got her wisdom teeth out and out of respect for you all I will not post a pic of her puffy face! But let me tell you it is pretty funny looking! Love you HAH!

My older brother is moving in with us this weekend. He has been wanting to move back to AZ for a while now and his job is being super accommodating and so he will be a resident of THE HANGER HOUSE for the foreseeable future!

That’s all that is happening in our world! Hope your little world is full of fun and sun right now!

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